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In-Service Inspection of pressure equipment - PER

•    Pressure vessels
•    Steam Generators
•    Piping
•    Cross country pipe line systems
•    Drying cylinders
•    Pressure equipment safety devices
•    Categorization of pressure equipment to SANS 347 requirements
•    Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure test
•    CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) surveys on pressure equipment
•    Non classified vessels and piping systems
•    Online surveillance
•    Mechanical maintenance
•    Shutdown project management

New Fabrication and modification of pressure equipment - PER

•    Pressure vessels
•    Steam Generators
•    Piping
•    Cross country pipe lines
•    Pressure equipment safety devices
•    Repairs and modification compliance of pressure equipment to SANS 347 requirements
•    Design review
•    Witness of hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure tests
•    Export and import inspections compliance
•    Steam Generator safety system evaluations as per “SIL” Safety Integrity Level Rating

Due Diligence – Pressure Equipment

•    We perform technical investigation determining design status, integrity reliability and legal compliance with detailed documented evaluation processes on behalf of potential investors or owners of Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper and pulp infrastructure and include the following processes:
•    Pressure equipment conformity assessments to SANS 347
•    Structural design reviews and General Arrangement evaluations
•    Detailed integrity inspections supplemented with Non Destructive Tests
•    Pressure equipment and piping dimensional surveys with laser and UT equipment

Categorization of Pressure Equipment

•    Perform compliance audits on Pressure equipment to PER – Pressure Equipment Regulations
•    Specialize in Categorization of Pressure Equipment to SANS 347 requirements
•    Fabrication, Modification, Repair and Maintenance contractor certification based on SANS 347 requirements

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