Contact Number: +27(0)31 916 1987

RBI Technical Solutions International subscribes to the core values of

A.    Honesty
B.    Integrity
C.    Transparency
D.    Excellence
E.    Loyalty

These values are reflected in the attitude and conduct of the company’s Directors, Specialists, employees, and all other representing the company.

Key Strengths

A.    Innovation - Constantly expanding our intellect to create new competitive services that our customers value.
B.    Integrity - Our customers value our added value to their operations through the constant innovative thinking.
C.    Continuous Improvement.
D.    Having the staying power to ensure that every job we tackle we see through to successful completion
E.    Knowledge of our strengths to continuously stay ahead of the competition.
F.    Zest for life with a keen interest for all the needs of our clients
G.    No compromising or sacrificing of Quality, Values or Integrity