We are a driven solution provider to the petrochemical, cellular, paper and pulp, power generation and other similar industries.



Tower Structures


  • Annual structural in-service inspection of cellular infrastructure support structures
  • Annual structural in-service inspections of factory, petrochemical and chemical structures
  • Pre and post galvanizing inspections at the structural manufacturer’s works
  • Design review of proposed structures
  • Quality Assurance on fabrication, modification and structural upgrade projects
  • Erection surveillance inspections of steel structures
  • Initial compliance inspection subsequent to erection of structures, towers and lighting masts
  • Import and export compliance
  • Online surveillance
  • Project management
  • Survey and as built inspections with the aid of 3D laser equipment

Due Diligence
We perform technical investigation determining design status, integrity reliability and legal compliance with detailed documented evaluation processes on behalf of potential investors or owners of telecommunication tower infrastructure and include the following processes:


  • Tower equipment loading capability evaluations
  • Structural design reviews
  • Detailed integrity inspections supplemented with Non Destructive Test Processes
  • Tower dimensional surveys with laser and ultrasonic test equipment

Testing of Fall Arrest Systems


  • Testing of Cable type Fall arrest systems in position on Towers and building structures
  • Testing of anchor points on building roofs
  • Visual inspection and evaluation of Fall arrest systems
  • Inspection and Certification of existing Fall Arrest and Fall Protection systems

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