We are a driven solution provider to the petrochemical, cellular, paper and pulp, power generation and other similar industries.


Welding Technology

  • Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)
  • Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS)
  • Welder Procedure Qualifications ( WPQ)
  • Development of new procedures
  • Practical Trouble Shooting
  • Weld method selection
  • Welding consulting – Material upgrading
  • Welding consulting – Revamping and streamlining of operating weld systems

Gas Reticulation Systems

  • In-service inspection of gas systems and storage facilities
  • Quality Assurance on fabrication, modification, upgrades of gas systems and storage facilities
  • Certification of gas systems and storage facilities
  • Compliance audits and Mandatory device inspection and evaluations
  • Integrity Inspections of LP Gas Installations

Mechanical Support Service – Project management

  • Support competent person inspection activities
  • Preparation of vessel or system to be evaluated to CP requirements
  • Cleaning of vessels or systems to be evaluated to CP requirements
  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of vessels, Steam Generators and systems under pressure
  • Reinstating of vessels, Steam Generators and systems under pressure


  • Weld / Parent metal failure analysis
  • Welding engineering (Procedures, specifications and welder qualifications)
  • Replicas
  • Mechanical destructive testing (Charpy V Notch, hot tensile, bends hardness and macro evaluations)
  • Chemical analysis – Spectrometric
  • Chemical analysis – Wet chemical
  • Material selection consultancy
  • Material technology and upgrading
  • Heat treatment on test samples
  • On site spectrometric analysis
  • On site hardness tests
  • On site ferrite counts
  • On site microstructure replication
  • Grain size Microstructure or cleanliness examinations
  • Intergranular Corrosion (ASTM A 262 Pr  ‘E’ & ASTM G48)
  • Sulphur print
  • Jominy test
  • SEM Analysis

Cross Country Pipe line Services

  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • AIA Appointments
  • Quality Compliance Audits
  • Certification


  • Quality Assurance
  • Witness of Hydrostatic and Pneumatic pressure tests
  • Evaluation of all weld and fabrication
  • Certification and release inspections


  • Monitoring progress and assures compliance to the established schedule
  • Evaluation and certification of imported products

Lifting Equipment

  • Crane hooks and Forklift Prong inspections
  • Block and tackles, come along and various related lifting equipment tests
  • Cable inspections
  • Crane Lifting tests and certification
  • Winch inspections – mechanical and hydraulic
  • Lifting Equipment Investigations
  • Maintenance and survey NDT inspections on crane structures, hooks, shackles and supplementary equipment

Auditing Functions

  • Pre Audits for Companies that want to obtain:
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Accreditation
  • ISO 14000 & 18000 Compliance evaluations
  • Welding Consumable Manufacturers
  • Electrical compliance audits
  • Gas articulation compliance audits
  • Fabrication System compliance audits

Project Management

  • Integrity Inspection, Quality Control and Quality Assurance project Management

Environmental Impact Assessment and Town Planning Management

  • Manage and liaise frequently with appointed EIA and acquisition Consultants to ensure the timely compilation and submission of applications by applying Service Level Agreements or incentive Based schemes.
  • Ensure that the consultants are monitoring the progress and are responding quickly to complaints or queries pertaining to the submissions, in order to obtain receipt of approvals within the required time frame.
  • Make contact and build good relationship with various local and provincial government authorities to promote work in progress.
  • Keep abreast with National regulations and influence new Provincial policies and procedures in the best interest of clients.
  • Manage Power applications (new/upgrades) - (Eskom and Local Authority)